Venus, the most beautiful of goddesses.

colorized detail from The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli, circa 1486.


Introducing Beautify

Beautify uses the latest facial attractiveness technology to enhance your portrait photos. It does so by analyzing each face for important features such as eyes, nose and mouth; and compares this with a model derived from the world's most attractive people. It applies these characteristics to your photos and yet retains all the features that make a person unique. The result is usually a pleasing improvement with better skin tone, brighter eyes, lips and teeth and enhanced facial symmetry.

The technology is advanced but the analysis is done in a very human way and this can sometimes result in surprises. For the best possible results start with a good quality portrait photo taken full-face with eyes open and mouth closed. A gentle smile is OK! Lighting should be even against a contrasting background. Glasses and facial hair is are difficult to interpret, so please set your expectations accordingly. The packaged examples give a good indication of what can be achieved if these guidelines are followed.

In development

Beautify is being extended for a new release in 3Q14. The original beautify mode becomes a makeover and an additional morph mode supports gradual transitions to a selected target face. Examples are: