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Introducing Cartoonify

Cartoonify transforms ordinary photos into cartoon-like renderings. Use the camera roll or photo gallery, then choose from the many different looks, - it couldn’t be easier. Share by Facebook, Twitter or E-mail for the instant cartoonification of your world! Available for iPhone and Android.


Main features

Android and iPhone versions are very similar, but when there are differences please let us know which you prefer!

  • Comic, Graffiti, Pop-art and Sketch styles.
  • 16 additional looks derived from these basic styles.
  • Pinch and pan/zoom to compose and crop photos.
  • Full support for both portrait and landscape formats.
  • Previews show an example and description of the selected look.
  • In-App sharing with social sites and e-mail.




  • Look 0 (RED) - NEUTRAL - default, flat color and no accents.
  • Look 1 (YLW) - COMIC - accents and dramatic shading but preserves the character of faces.
  • Look 2 (GRN) - GRAFFITI - reduced color palette and heavy accents.
  • Look 3 (BLU) - POP ART - wild color treatment and dynamic accents.
  • Look 4 (MAG) - SKETCH - crayon and pencil.

Android Cartoonify

This has a unique parameter-less interface that accesses 21 different looks using a color wheel.

The principle is the same as a steel drum in music, - users quickly associate the function to the control.

Initially, the neutral plus four major styles are presented. A long press at the center of the drum creates 4 new looks derived from the currently selected style.

We call this a “Looks Browser” because you can navigate back and for through the looks in the same way as you use a web page.




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