Pinnacle StreamFactory X2 Pro

Pinnacle's StreamFactory is a rackmount device that can produce four live video and audio streams at different rates from one input. The available input formats cover digital and analogue video, as well as balanced analogue and digital audio. Stream Factory is, in essence, a PC running Windows 2000. It has its own built‑in web server, which means that, as far as the user is concerned, it sits unattended in a rack while streaming sessions are set up from its web page — on any computer on the Internet.

The HiQ pre-processor drives up streaming quality while reducing CPU load, especially when processing noisy or high-motion video. Images are cleaner and lines are sharper with HiQ’s precision de-interlacer and median noise filters. HiQ also includes an embedded audio signal processor to provide real-time QuadBand™ audio dynamics processing rivaling far more costly standalone units. A client and remote-side application, HiQ AudioMaster™, lets users create custom audio presets with control over dozens of parameters including digital parametric EQ, automatic gain control (AGC), noise gating, compressing, limiting and more. HiQ is ideal for live webcasts and corporate events and improves sound quality and voice intelligibility at all bit rates.